Letting Myself Evolve | Step 7 To Making a Change

The last step in the journey towards improving your quality of your life, this video blog is a personal journey through a yoga mentorship, introducing how yoga is more than a physical exercise... but a way of life.

Thank Dragonfly Yoga... for motivating & reminding me to embrace change!

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Step 7: Conquer

The final step in making a change . . . conquering all obstacles.

And believe me, obstacles will appear the closer and closer you get to retracting a bad habit. Your entire being will fight you on this.


As children, we are taught our inner perspective on life. We are taught what to believe, how to think, what is right and wrong … our inner core values { Whether we like it or not }. During this time, we also may experience some negative words or moments that unfortunately stay with us.

It’s not your fault though...you were practically a sponge for retaining information.

Conquering those internal words that inhibit this bad habit is the final leap towards making a change. You have to replace that core belief with a new one. One that brings positivity and kindness versus negativity and poor self-love.

I would suggest adding mantras to your morning coffee or tea. Write them down or add them to your phone and set an alarm to read them each morning. Memorize them, absorb them...and replace the old with the new.

Meditation also helps you absorb new core values. Reflect on the “why” and stop worrying about the “how.”

Be patient with yourself.