Kids & Schools - Bonus Uses For Yoga Equipment

As we mentioned in our last blog post, yoga equipment can be used for so much more than just yoga. In this article, we’re diving into another alternate use for your yoga equipment, school use!


Younger kids LOVE to draw. I’m sure all parents and teachers already know this, but if you give a kid a marker they will be drawing anywhere, especially places they aren’t supposed to (for some reason, walls are more appealing to children than paper). A lot of schools will purchase lighter color (mostly white) yoga mats to use as seats for quiet time for their young students! We have tons of different mats that offer light color options at an affordable price, but the best mats are listed below.

1/4” Yoga Mat

1/8” Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat Rolls

Nap Time

Younger students get nap time (adults - how unfair is it that we don’t get this during the work day?!) and normally they don’t have a lot of comfortable options to sleep on. Our Zabutons provide a perfect amount of space for a child to sleep, while providing support so they aren’t sleeping on something super thin and uncomfortable. Also, our Yoga Blankets are great to lay over the kids to keep them nice and warm while they sleep! If they are having trouble sleeping, sometimes an eye pillow or a neck pillow might help. This will help them close their eyes and eventually get them to fall asleep. And, it is always nice to have a comfortable pillow to lay your head on!



Neck and Eye Pillows

Social Distancing Purposes

The biggest thing that schools are buying yoga mats for right now is to be able to social distance correctly. We have a 6’ Square Yoga Mat that is perfect to show younger students how much space to leave in between their peers. Distancing guidelines are being reduced down to 3’ in some areas, but don’t worry! We have multiple mats that are 3’ wide (measure 36”) that are perfect for 3’ distancing needs. For children, it is not easy for them to conceptualize how far apart a few feet is, which makes these mats a perfect visualization marker to aid in staying safe during times like these.

6’ Square Yoga Mat

Extra Wide Yoga Mat

Extra Long and Wide Yoga Mat

Around The Classroom

Teachers, want to work your core while sitting at your desk? Instead of a chair, sitting on a yoga mat ball will give you a nice exercise while also being fun for your students to play with while you’re standing or walking around the room! Also, to prop things higher up on your desk as in your computer or work phone, just throw a yoga brick under them! We have different sizes that are perfect to give any item some extra height.

Fitness Balls

Yoga Brick 2”

Yoga Brick 1”

We have a multitude of colors available for all of our products, to match the wall or floor color of any classroom. Another cool thing about the items in this article is that most of them can be custom printed on. This means, you can take your school’s logo and throw it right on the mat! You can send students home with them or use them anywhere in your classroom. You can even sell them at school fundraisers and sporting events to spread the word about your school!

Look around our website today and let’s get your classroom looking better, together.