10 Unique Yoga Gift Ideas under $30


When you're on a budget, but still want to treat your loved ones… a little inspiration goes a long way.

This unique list of yoga gifts will help you spread the holiday love this season without breaking your yogi bank. Suitable for yoga lovers and those just looking for some down time, these ten products are perfect to wrap up!

Show them you Care . . .  

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1. Stress Relief Kit

{ $20 }

Increase oxygen flow to the brain and block out all light for a deep relaxation one can experience just about anywhere. Gift a loved one with a supportive silk neck and eye pillow for this perfect serene moment {Great for restorative yoga}.

Add a sack of Himalayan bath salt for a bath to purify the skin and extract all bad ions out of the body.

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  2. Dragonfly Yoga Towel

{ $30 }

Honestly feeling like a blanket, this microfiber mat towel is super soft and easily cleaned for use within and outside one's practice.

Wanting to show your support and consideration for that loved one's commitment to their practice, presenting a quality mat towel is a considerate gift that can be used in a variety of ways.

Very Sweet!

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3. Two Yoga Blocks with a Yoga Sequence

{ $12- $25 }

Wrap up two of your favorite yoga blocks and print out this custom yoga sequence for your friend to follow along to. Whether you’re introducing yoga to a loved one or looking for a creative way to gift some yoga blocks, this gift is a pretty creative approach.  

Print Out The Yoga Sequence:


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4. Yoga Rug

{ $26 }

Our durable yoga rug is made of a soft canvas material, which makes it versatile as both a piece of home decor and an indoor/outdoor yoga mat.

For beach lovers, this rug is great with sand and is perfect for practicing those balancing poses on the uneven surface.

Love it!  

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5. Himalayan Crystal Tea Light Holders + Himalayan Bath Salt

{ $29 }

As one of the most pristine primal elements on Earth, Himalayan salt has been known for its ability to benefit the human body, containing all the same natural elements. With the power to remove negative energy, improve mood, sleep, and overall function of our internal systems, gifting this salt in any form is a very kind gesture indeed.

The tea light holders come in a set of two. Pair with some bath salt for a little extra emphasis on how powerful this salt can be!

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6. Body Scrubs or Face Masks

{ $28 }

Okay...almost everyone loves a good pampering during their downtime, am I right? Some of us even rely on the holidays to stock up on those extra goodies. Improving the condition of the skin with organic body scrubs and face masks is a given for your fellow loved one.

No question about it.

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7. Tavi Noir Socks

{ $28 }

These state of the art yoga socks are perfect for that loved one that enjoys keeping their legs cozy during their winter practice.

Tavi Noir socks have grip pads perfected with a triangle-shaped pattern inspired by the surfer lifestyle. Proven to hold a good grip during your practice… or when prancing around the house.

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8. Massage Roller

{ $19 }

Know someone who could use a little extra love around their knees and hips. A massage roller is great for easing tension from surrounding muscles, as well as increasing blood and oxygen flow through those major joints.

Gifting this to an athlete who works their body constantly, or to someone who appreciates methods for improving their health … is quite perfect actually!

Roll it Out.

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9. T Spheres

{ $30 }

Infused with geranium and lemongrass, these little guys target all those pressure points on the body to relieve stress and achy joints. Including a tiny pamphlet that shows you where to place these beauties for the perfect release, it’s a thoughtful gift to give.

Also used during your yoga practice, there is a great video on the product page that shows how to include these into your asanas for an extra release when in motion!

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10. Weighted Hula Hoop

{ $28 }

A soft padded weighted hula hoop is perfect for those looking to get a workout in a unique way. Easy to take apart and travel with, this gift is fun and inspirational for friends and family. Give them a gift that keeps on giving!