My First-Hand Experience of

Thai Yoga Massage

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Take the feeling you experience after yoga and times that by 100, that’s Thai Yoga Massage.

There’s a reason Ryan Greene, Owner of Awaken Massage Studio and Certified Massage Therapist + Thai +Reiki Master Teacher referred to it as “yoga being done to you.”  

“Thai Yoga is a different language than massage on the table,” he explains. This healing art, performed on a padded surface, like a cotton yoga mat or memory foam mattress, requires only you, the Thai yoga worker, and your comfy clothes. 

Its intention is to rejuvenate the body’s energy system, resetting your entire skeletal, nervous, muscular and digestive systems. I learned we all have ten main energy lines in our bodies called Sen, and when they are all balanced our bodies can run the most efficiently and effectively as possible.


Here’s my first experience . . .

I remember opening my eyes again. Looking around the same room I had just walked into 120 minutes ago for my first Thai yoga massage experience.

To put it short, it was life-changing. No exaggeration here, I honestly did not feel like the same person afterward.

Not just mentally either, we are talking full out of body state here. Imagine not having a single ache or pain in your entire body. No places holding stress or tension. No hardball of anxiety in between your rib cage. Nothing.

Your body is running efficiently and you feel at ease. Not “at ease” like when you’re on the beach soaking in the sun (if you like that kind of thing). I’m talking about the kind of “at ease” where you cannot even produce a negative thought or feeling. Your mind literally stops producing any negative, stress-induced, worried thoughts. Your body can’t feel how hard the previous day or week was. Your perspective has shifted.

If you are thinking of booking a Thai yoga massage,

stop thinking and do it.