Pets & Vets - Bonus Uses For Your Yoga Equipment

There are a lot of other uses for yoga equipment than just yoga, and one popular extra use is for animals! People purchase yoga equipment for their pets for a lot of reasons. For example, yoga equipment can be used for training purposes, to aid in walking around a home with any flooring other than carpet, or for use around a veterinarian's office! Below is all of the equipment you’ll need to make your pet more comfortable wherever they go!

Home Use

When animals get older, they sometimes have trouble walking on hard surfaces. Plenty of people purchase yoga mats from us and lay them over hard surfaces so that their pets can have more joint support when getting around the house. Yoga Mat Rolls are perfect for this, as you can cut them up into whatever shape and size you would like to fit in your house.

Some pets (for a reason we are not sure of) are scared of hardwood floors, and refuse to walk on them. If you have a pet like this, you know exactly what I am talking about! If that’s the case, just throw a mat down and your furry friend will love walking through the house on this.

Sometimes, animals' nails can get very sharp, and they could scratch the floors while walking on them. A simple and easy way to avoid that issue is laying a yoga mat over any hard, scratchable surfaces! Your pet will be more comfortable when they walk, and you won’t end up with scuffed floors!

Animal crates normally don’t have soft, comforting surfaces for animals to sleep on or sit on throughout the day. It is common to put blankets and things of the sort into a crate, but layering the bottom with a yoga mat is a great way to enhance your pets' comfort level. Blankets can be added on top of the mat, that way your animal never has to touch the bottom of the crate (which is always a very unpleasant, cold, and hard surface).

Training Programs

Training programs use our mats to lay over hard, cold surfaces, or to teach the animals how to stay in one area. Lay down the mat, and they cannot come off of it without a command. This aids in teaching animals how to heal, and helps with teaching a lot of other basic commands.

Taking animals to and from a training class can also be a hassle if they are shedders. Imagine vacuuming out your car, and then remembering you have to take your dog to their weekly training class. You toss them in the car, and suddenly it looks like you never even cleaned! If you can’t tell, I’ve been there one too many times. Recently I’ve been putting a yoga mat over my back seat, and it keeps the car completely clean while we're riding! Also, SO much easier to clean a yoga mat than an entire car, just in case you were wondering.

In Office Use

Veterinarians offices are normally scary places for animals. All these new people touching them, cold surfaces everywhere, and not to mention, animals normally have to go there when they’re sick or experiencing some sort of physical pain. In order to throw one good thing into the mix, veterinarians offices normally buy our yoga mats and use them wherever they can to provide a more comfortable sitting/laying surface for the animals in their care.

Vets also like to sell these mats out of their office, in order to promote home use for people with older pets, or pets that need more joint support.

Below are the options we recommend for pet use in home, in a training class, in the office, or anywhere you can think to use one!

Basic mats

1/4" Yoga Mat

1/8" Yoga Mat

Travel Yoga Mat

Short Mat

Longer/Wider mats

Extra Long Mat

Extra Wide Mat

Extra Long and Extra Wide Mat

6' Square Mat

All Mat rolls

Rotary Cutter

Premium mats

Premium Weight Mat

Anti-Microbial Mat

Premium Two Tone Mat

Two-Tone Mat

We have a multitude of colors available for all mats to pair with the wall or floor color of any home. Another cool thing about these mats is that the majority of them can be custom printed on. This means, you can take your logo and throw it right on the mat! You can send people home with them or sell them right out of your office space to help promote your business. Head on over to our custom print page here to find out more information.

If you have a pet that likes to use a yoga mat for something not listed, send us a picture! We would love to show your animals off on our social media pages. Let us help make your pets happier by getting them some of their own yoga gear today!