When shopping for your studio, don't forget the traditional Mexican yoga blanket. This important prop is valued worldwide in a majority of yoga studios for its versatility and convenience. Used along with various poses, blankets are very accommodating to the weak parts of the body and can transform into multiple forms as folded or rolled. Think of it as the "Goldilocks" of props: not too hard (blocks), not too firm (bolsters) . . . but just right!


When contemplating the value of blankets for your students, consider these listed values towards your final decision:



They Fill the Gap:  IMG_4422.jpg

  • Insert blankets in between your chest and thighs to fill the space. This encourages students to rest head on the blanket, which in improves their flexibility into the pose.


Give Knee Support:  IMG_4433.jpg

  • Encourage students to fold a blanket in half twice and place on mat underneath knees for extra cushion.


Help Open the Chest:  IMG_4444.jpg

  • Roll it up and create your own round bolster to place vertical along your spine in Savasana to open heart and chest.

Aid with Seated Postures:  IMG_4452.jpg

  • When folded and placed under the butt, a blanket is comforting to the hips and legs in a seated posture.

  • Increase length of the back/spine with same blanket placement, aiding in tilting the pelvis forward.

  • In Hero Pose, as shown, the blanket is placed between the thighs and ankles to open to the hips and add comfort.


Provide Savasana Support:  IMG_4460.jpg

  • Cover body for warmth.

  • Place under head as pillow.

  • Roll into round bolster and place under knees.

  • Laying a blanket on top of your students in Savasana helps trigger additional body warmth and increase relaxation.


Child's Pose:


  • Roll or fold blanket into a tight form, and then place under the butt right up behind the kneecaps.

  • Lean back onto blanket while in child's pose and allow your hips to relax.  

Resting Half Pigeon Pose:


  • Folded for a deeper sink into pose. Rolled for more support, bringing the floor to you.

  • Place blanket right behind front foot, underneath the butt and thigh.

  • Great hip-opener.  



  • Fold the blanket in half twice and place underneath shoulders, supporting the neck as well in Shoulder Stand.

  • The additional padding is perfect for a stronger focus on trying to get your legs straight!

  • Use a yoga blanket as a buffer behind the head and neck when practicing inversions.


Yoga blankets are a top item to carry in your studio for students to use when they are looking for a prop. Now you know not to underestimate the power of blankets within your practice.

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