What Are The Differences Between 

Round & Rectangular Bolsters?


Bolsters can come not just in round or rectangular shapes, but also in different weights. Heavier, Max Support Deluxe Bolsters, can provide more support and be sturdier for your practice, while Supportive Bolsters are easy to travel with and are great for extra cushion and a softer relaxation. Regardless of type, bolsters are great for opening up the chest and deepening your stretch for better relaxation.

You might be searching for the perfect bolster to add to your studio, or to use in your personal practice, but are having trouble figuring out which one to choose. Should you get a round bolster, rectangular or one of each? Before making your decision, let's go over the benefits of each type of bolster.

Rectangular Bolsters:

Rectangular Bolster Comparison.jpg

These bolsters are wider, which allows them to cover a majority if not your entire back while using them for support. Rectangular bolsters are a bit more secure since they aren't going to move or roll while in use. These bolsters are great for poses such as Supported Shoulder Stand, Front Line Twist and Supta Virasana (Hero's Pose Lying Down. They are also great when used with blocks for Restorative poses to deepen relaxation (as shown in the photographs below).




Round Bolsters:

Round Bolster Comparison.jpg


When trying to create a curve in the body, round bolsters give the best support. If you are looking to deepen your stretch for backbends and side bends, round bolsters encourage the natural arch in your body. These bolsters are also great to use as a chest-opening tool, placing it directly up the spine and allowing your shoulders to hand off each side. Fish pose is the perfect heart-opener to try this technique with. During meditation, if the tradition body placement is uncomfortable to you, placing a bolster in between your legs in Hero’s Pose will allow for accurate circulation. Most recognize the round bolster as a prop for Savasana, placed underneath the knees for increased comfort and blood flow.





Use Both:


Thinking of getting one of each? To create extra height, stacking the bolsters on top of one another allows for the body to accumulate further support and provides a boost towards getting into those harder poses.


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