Why You Hesitate to Journal


I have had a journal or diary on and off since I could write.

Finding it beneficial to get all my reasoning and overthinking out of my head and down on paper, I enjoy pouring my soul out onto the pages of these books versus dumping everything verbally into the ears of my friends and family.

However much I enjoy this tactic of release, I hesitate at certain periods in my life to continue journaling. Why?

The reason I waver at times to write is mainly due to the fact that I don't want to have a record of all the bad things I've experienced or thought.

Let's be real. Most of us don't want to relive some of the experiences we have moved on from. In that regard, why would I want to write and create evidence that a certain series of events even happened in my life?

Why would I want to reread what I wrote?

There is one journal that I have kept. It's not the departed diary from the hardest, most traumatic time in my life, it's the journal I kept right before things went sour. During the time in my life where I found bliss, or so I thought.

This compact book of words is one that I have reread, and continue to reread whenever I need a friendly reminder… of WHO I AM.

After all the mess and grief, looking back into your past and understanding yourself all over again creates a perspective of appreciation for the human being you have grown up to be.

Noting how far you've come. How strong you are.

Journaling is not only a method to release, but also one that later gives you an outside perspective on yourself.

You can read and learn about your personal growth and reflect on the wisdom you have gained, allowing you to see yourself in a new light. Allowing you to appreciate all that you've been through in a new way.

Your hesitation for journaling may be that you don't enjoy writing. It may be that you have too busy of a life (never possible). It may be because of the reason I have given you in this article.

Regardless of your hesitation, journal. Even for a minute. Even just a word. The experience of rediscovering yourself years down the road, as an outsider looking in, is so rewarding to your present.

Refresh how you see yourself. Understand how far

you've come.