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Why You Hesitate to Journal

9/24/2018 to Health & Wellness

Do you keep a journal? Spilling your thoughts, experiences, and aspirations into a book? If you don't, I bet I know why. 

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7 Ingredients to the Perfect Strawberry Smoothie

4/25/2017 to Health & Wellness

7 Ingredients to the Perfect Strawberry Smoothie

Smoothies are pretty simple to make, but if you’ve never created one it could be hard to identify exactly what goes into the blender to result in the right flavors and consistency. Any smoothie can be made with these simple seven ingredients, and you can even interchange the fruit or even add more to mix it up here and there.

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Replace Fattening Ice Cream with this Smoothie

5/21/2012 to Health & Wellness

In the warm summer months, ice cream sounds more appealing than usual! Heres a delicious smoothie you can make that is more healthy and nutritious than ice cream:

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