If you've ever taken the constitution quiz from “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?” you’ll agree that different bodies respond uniquely to specific foods, temperatures, earth elements and colors. You might consciously have a favorite color, but maybe your subconscious color should help you choose the color of your yoga mat or yoga blanket.
 Here’s a reminder of the colors of the Chakras, which may help you as you tap into your subconscious colors, listed here, beginning with the root Chakra through the crown Chakra. 
1) Muladhara - red 
2) Svadisthana - orange 
3) Manipura - yellow/gold 
4) Anahata - green 
5) Visuddha - indigo blue or smokey purple
6) Ajna - white or bluish white (in the west, often violet in color)
7) Sahasrara - white or colorless
Studying the Chakras, taking the Dosha quiz and exploring the energies of the subtle body can be an exciting way to deepen your yoga practice.