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12 Yoga Bloopers To Keep Your Practice Light

12 Yoga Bloopers To Keep Your Practice Light

When it comes down to it, your practice is not about impressing others, and it’s not about being hard on yourself for your body is and isn’t capable of. The truth is, none of that really matters.

Yoga is to harmonize the mind, body, and soul. To break it down, your body needs exercise, your mind needs quiet and space, and your soul needs to feel connected. That’s why yogis are usually able to embrace a happier lifestyle because the yogic way is the ultimate way.

Anyways, in order to help your inner voice speak kindly and allow you to ease up on yourself as you move through your flow, below are some funny photo bloopers of yogis not taking their practice so so seriously.

Remember to laugh at yourself.

Trying to be a monkey with a yoga strap! We love Stephanie for how playful she is when moving through creative poses for photographs.

Let me own this one by saying my face after this pose is one for the yearbook! I wanted to try practicing my dancer using a yoga strap too and it made for a good blooper…teehee.

Janine’s face as she shows us another way to use the yoga wheel! This blog was totally her idea because she creates some of the best bloopers!

Janine and I trying to be creative with acro yoga… we ended up doing some form of the worm trying to come out of it haha.

Laugh at yourself you silly goose.

It’s all about the face when stretching for the splits!

When the sun is making you feel angelic, but then you realize you honestly can’t open your eyes at all!

How do people create those awesome restoration setups with props? This one took a couple tries, it was pretty funny how stressful it was to relax!

“Don’t fall. Don’t fall. It’s just a window next to a mysterious lake. You can do this.” Teehee

Sometimes our trees go through a little hurricane before standing tall again.

“I got it! This doesn’t hurt at all! See!”

“Where're my feet? Is that it? Do I have the other end of the strap? Oh geez haha!”

Allow your practice to be a place where you can enjoy your body for everything it is. Learn to truly let go of the expectations you have for yourself and what goals you have. Just relax and move. The rest will come.

Plus laughing at yourself is technically an ab workout anyways.


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