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Yoga can be a tool of healing. Certain asanas will give you relief from bodily pain -- like chronic headaches, arthritis, sports injuries, MS and fibromyalgia. Most yoga classes begin with the teacher asking if anyone has any problem areas. This way, the instructor can supervise the individual and help him/her with asana modifications. However, most yoga instructors are not physical therapists. Classes are too large for individual attention. And many classes are not appropriate when someone has an injury or illness. Even the best yoga teachers can't insure injury prevention. If you are an individual suffering from a physical (bodily) disorder, what's the best way to connect these two healing methods for effective treatment and relief?


Physiyoga, aka Fizzy Yoga, or Yoga Therapy: a one-on-one yoga class taught by a yoga therapist who sets a therapeutic intention that incorporates healing yoga poses and traditonal physical therapy practices that focus on a customized routine including resistance, repetition, and strength training. Make sure that your instructor is a certified yoga instructor AND licensed physical therapist. Classes can be held in a yoga studio, a physical therapist's office, or a medical clinic. The therapist will likely begin with an evaluation to identify problem areas. They will then focus on the specific health problem(s) and attentively help with modifications throughout the session.


Stretching and moving through asanas with a professional right by your side will no doubt improve not only your physical condition but also your individual yoga practice (proper alignment and professional recommendations may lead to finally folding up into headstand!). Yoga therapy can also be very useful for athletes and yogis without injuries. It is preventive and restorative: yoga therapy raises energy levels. Professional athletes use yoga to improve performance, but it can also be used to restore overused muscles and muscle strains. Like many classes, fizzy yoga traditionally ends in shavasana. Before you leave, the therapist will likely give you a sheet of paper with exercises you can do in your own home. Of course, certain props will be necessary for home use. Thera Band and training tools come highly recommended and are designed by and for physical therapists.


By: Alice Jennings (G+)


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