4-rth Women's Yoga Bra-Top

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4-rth Women's Yoga Bra-Top
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Sizing: (S: 2 - 6), (M: 4 - 8), (L: 6 - 10)
Fabric: ProModal blend w/touch of Lycra

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  • Classically tailored, this top will feel like a 2nd skin; double layered in front for added comfort and support 
  • Made with premium custom fabric, this top was designed and made in Los Angeles 
  • ProModal is from Beech wood and Eucalyptus that is sustainably farmed 
  • Softer than cotton with 50% more moisture wicking & 1/20th the eco-impact 
  • Who said being green had to look boring 
  • Made in the USA

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