4-rth Men's Thermal V-Neck Long Sleeve

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4-rth Men's Thermal V-Neck Long Sleeve
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  • Silky soft 2 x 1 Promodal RIB used exclusively to provide style, comfort & sleek warmth 
  • Providing unlimited range of motion for vigorous winter sports like Skiing, Snowboarding & Ice Skating 
  • Softer yet more durable than cotton, with superior moisture wicking 
  • This thermal will last 4 years 
  • Paneling down side of torso and around elbows 
  • Seam down center of back with sage green thread. "4" logo mark at top 
  • "Compression" look without the tight grip 
SIZING GUIDE: the size MEDIUM is ideal for anyone 5'10 - 6'2 in the 160 to 180lb range. Go UP one size if you have a heavier frame or prefer a more "relaxed" fit.

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