Pro Hot Yoga Kit by Yoga Direct

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Pro Hot Yoga Kit by Yoga Direct
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1 - Cork yoga mat
1 - Zippered yoga mat bag
1 - Yoga mat towel

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Bring on the sweat with our Pro Hot Yoga Kit! This kit includes a Shakti Warrior Cork Yoga Mat, ventilated Zippered Mat Bag and quick drying Yoga Mat Towel (24" x 72"). This kit is ideal for the sweatiest of flows and for those yogis who plan to get a lot of use out of their hot yoga essentials. Shakti Warrior's cork mats are beautifully designed and made to withstand extensive sweat and use. Our Yoga Mat Towel is the perfect companion to help prolong the life of your mat and because it's machine washable, you'll know your gear is staying bacteria free with each use! If the heat is not for you but you know your props get a lot of use, then don't hold back- this kit is for anyone who wants it!

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