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Yoga Expo Expands Community Reach

What an event to check out and experience as it makes its way across the country!

Recently hosted April 8, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Yoga Expo had over 12,000 attendees joining together for a full day of classes, community and shopping. The 60,000 square foot marketplace presented a great opportunity for over 120 vendors and exhibitors (10% non-profit) to share new and notable yoga products, as well as 100% vegan health- conscious items with all whom attended. As a carbon-neutral event, The Yoga Expo is granted as environmentally friendly being completely paperless and having all energy used subsidized through Arcadia Power.

Offering more than twelve different styles of yoga, an extended sixty momentous classes were provided. Styles including everything from the basic Vinyasa all the way to a modern day Hip-Hop yoga class were welcomed to create an opportunity for everyone new and experienced to try something unique or expand their practice. Each class was taught by a different teacher, some traveling all the way from Australia and California to join this memorable event.

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All those who get the chance to attend The Yoga Expo pay a flat admission fee of just $35.00 per ticket, with $1.00 of that purchase as a donation to the St. Jude’s Hospital to be put towards cancer research and an increase in the overall childhood cancer survival rate. Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push this rate from 20% to over 80% since it opened more than 50 years ago! Tickets are also donated to local medical practices and schools as an act of mindfulness and consciousness to further share the event.

With unlimited classes and workshops to choose from, The Yoga Expo brings together a variety of people for each event held. Looking to reach those who have never tried yoga or are looking to expand their practice, this event presents a great opportunity for attendees to come explore different teachers and styles in their area for a community experience with like-minded individuals.

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Kyle Michaud, President of Experience Expositions and Founder of The Yoga Expo, shared his favorite part of each event is seeing the people's faces light up as they are enjoying the experience. “It’s beautiful to see them thrive and make invaluable connections,” he said during an interview with Yoga Direct. Donating a gift card for all attendees and teachers, Yoga Direct made a great contribution to the event by giving a chance for all to start or enhance their yoga collection. Through his company, Experience Expositions, Kyle also hosts another event called Veg Fest, coming to Edison, NJ this June of 2017 and Fort Lauderdale, FL in December.