6' Square Yoga Mat by Yoga Direct

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6' Square Yoga Mat by Yoga Direct
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Six foot size allows a larger perimeter between practitioners in a group setting
Extra thick at ¼ inch and comfortable
Multiple color options with Phthalate-free dyes and inks
Recommended for yoga instructors or home practitioners
A spotlight for instruction; Great for Mommy and Me Yoga

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The Yoga Direct six foot square yoga mat gives you tremendous freedom on the mat so you can transition from forward facing heart openers right into a wide legged forward bend without a second thought. A square mat is also a winner for yoga teachers who often need to demonstrate a pose from more than one angle. Use this square mat for partner yoga, mommy and me yoga classes or outside where you don't want to spill over the edge of your yoga mat. Perfect for helping to maintain proper distance when multiple mats are used in a group setting.

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