Why Add Lavender to your Coffee?

Many know the aromatherapy benefits of lavender. The plant has amazing healing properties towards anxiety, stress, trouble sleeping, skin care, inflammation and infections.

Incorporating this essential oil or plant into your day-to-day is nothing of a disadvantage to you. You’ll only benefit with an easier, more relaxed lifestyle. That is also to be said about a number of essential oils.

But adding it to your coffee… Why?

Turns out, that jittery over-caffeinated feeling you sometimes experience after your morning boost can conveniently be tamed by the addition of lavender. Creating a great balance of feeling calm and relaxed while also energized and productive allows the coffee to take effect in a more productive way.


Studies show between the hours of 8AM and 9AM, your body is in stress mode (cortisol awakening response), making caffeine a bit of an overload once it kicks in.

{Not saying by any means don’t drink your morning cup}


The addition of a lavender syrup, milk, or a few drops of oil allows the body to only take the amount of caffeine needed, without the body becoming overwhelmed. Basically, the lavender balances out any chance of over-caffeinating your body, so you receive the PERFECT amount of energy.