My Game-Changer For Acne Prone Skin

Who would have thought our skin would like natural organic products instead of all those chemicals?

I wish I would have known about this 15 years ago, when I used to cake on the concealer to cover up my acne prone skin.

Those who suffer from acne should definitely give this organic skin care product a try, it was a game-changer for me! I know everyone with an acne solution will tell you that, but I can assure you … I’m just an average girl sharing my discovery with readers whom I hope to help in the same way that I needed.

My Little History

When I was entering my teen years, I had the worst kind of acne...cystic. It was loud and mean, taking over my face with large bumps that would camp out for weeks. I tried everything. From those skin care lines you see on television to Accutane and then even oil purging after that, nothing worked for me. Even into my adulthood, acne was something that just seemed to be a part of me that I would never grow out of...until these past few months!

What Worked

About almost a year ago, I switched from using my over-the-counter face wash (full of chemicals) to an organic lavender soap called Dr. Bronners. It actually happened as I ran out of soap. I just started using my body bar daily and liked the way it made my skin feel… go figure.


My skin not only cleared up, but the breakouts stopped as well. You could almost tell how happy my skin was to use this lavender soap twice a day. They have other scents of peppermint, hemp, and citrus too, with an affordable price of less than $6 a bar of soap.

Switching to organic products is the way to go with acne. I definitely know this one was my cure. I’m pretty positive your skin wasn’t meant to absorb any kind of chemicals in the first place.

I know if you are suffering from acne, it may seem completely impossible to find such a simple easy solution to clear up your skin.

We have all been there.

But I’m only sharing this discovery with you to help. It worked for me, this bar of soap could be your acne game-changer too.

Good Luck Friends!