Love Yourself First

Psychology Today says “Self-love is an action, not a state of feeling good.”

The goal? To have the same feelings of happiness towards yourself whether you are in a relationship or out of one.

When you’re single, choice or no choice, your current commitment (to yourself) is to focus your attention and energy on actions of self-love. Even when you enter into a relationship, you have the same commitment to maintaining. Although now, on top of that, you are also adding another commitment to your plate of sharing that love with another.

You kind of need to fill your cup of love before you start sharing it. Otherwise, what do you have to give?

For all of you who are currently single, check in with yourself. Discover where you place your focus. Are you happy?

If not, hopefully, my words will ease you towards shifting your attention.

Gently, focus on the things that make you, just you, happy. Companionship may be one of them, but it should not be the only one.

Warning! Do not rely on others to give you your happiness. It just puts a lot of pressure on your relationships, while also putting yourself at risk to potentially suffer loss. No one wants that. The only person you should rely on to be happy is yourself.

Shift your focus towards personal happiness.

The moment I directed my attention towards actions of self-love, I became consumed with everything I loved to do, wanted to do and started making changes and moves towards doing those things.

Yoga allows us to shift our focus from the mind to the body. As most have heard, the mind benefits from stillness and the body from movement.

What does the heart benefit from though?


Actions you take on a daily basis to love yourself, respect yourself, and appreciate who you are will allow you to confront your independence with joy.

To love yourself as you grow, and as you continue to grow, is important in the relationship you have with yourself...and others.

Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself devotion.

Love your single self.