Letting Myself Evolve | Step 3 To Making a Change

The third step in the journey towards improving your quality of your life, this video blog is a personal journey through a yoga mentorship, introducing how yoga is more than just a physical exercise... but a way of life.

Thank Dragonfly Yoga... for motivating & reminding me to embrace change!

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Step 3: Be Kind to Yourself

Be honest with yourself, you have probably put yourself through a little turmoil (at some point in time) with all the thoughts and ideas that pass through your head.

Holding onto one or two bad thoughts… and then obsessing with the idea or reality of them being real. The “what if’s” can get you. Fear can get you.

If not, we may not be working on the same change. However, any change you are working towards can benefit from simply being kinder to yourself.

Notice how you speak to yourself. What words do you use most often to describe yourself when chatting with a friend? If those words are “I can’t” or “I don’t” ... play a little game with yourself to avoid saying those words.

Your body is listening to the words you say. If you tell it you are afraid or don’t think you are capable of something, it will react and move those words into actions. Just as your words can affect your body, you’ll notice your body also speaks to you as well:

I’m tired.

I’m hungry.

I’m sore in this one spot.

Please itch your ankle.


In Order to be able to better give yourself permission, you need to start focusing on how you speak to and about yourself. 

Are your words proactive towards your goal...towards this change?