Letting Myself Evolve | Step 2 

To Making a Change

The second step in the journey towards improving your quality of your life, this video blog is a personal journey through a yoga mentorship, introducing how yoga is more than a physical exercise... but a way of life.

Thank Dragonfly Yoga... for motivating & reminding me to embrace change!

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Step 2: Give Yourself Permission

  1. Give Yourself One Day Alone

Spending the day alone was a mission I wasn’t prepared for. An entire day of doing only things that fed my soul along; not returning home, not working or checking emails.

I wouldn’t have done this on my own.

My mentor told me to choose an entire day to spend together, and for me that was justifiable...It gave me permission to do it.

When I arrived at her house at 7 am ready for the day though, she informed me if it was just a day for me.

I was a little freaked out!

Do I go home? Do I go to work? My only mission for the day was to do things that alone brought me joy… I felt like I wasn’t allowed.

So off I went…


I took one step at a time… 

doing only things that I, in that moment, wanted to do.

Trust me, it’s harder than it seems.

I had nothing scheduled, no time to prepare… only pure spontaneous energy.



  1. Organize a Weekly List

All of the things you wrote down that make you happy, start doing them.

Take baby steps, adding more and more of that list to your week.

Taking 10 minutes to meditate each day, or maybe just sit in silence sipping your morning tea or coffee. Then maybe add in yoga/exercise once a week...then maybe twice a week. Keep adding from your list until Week 5 you are doing at least five things that week that feed your soul.  

Only do what feels right, but trust me… you’ll have to push yourself a little bit.

Your subconscious will fight back. There is a mountain to climb here. The more you do to feed your soul, the stronger you’ll become in overcoming what it is you want to change.