Have You Tried Earthing?

Becoming grounded...naturally. As we all should be.

I used to run around barefoot when I was a child all the time. Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of shoes. Already, I feel like I sound like a barbarian. However, studies have found this concept to be incredibly healing to the human body, reducing inflammation and improving mood and energy levels beyond what we would think.

Just by taking a percentage of our days to connect with the Earth.

It makes sense though, doesn't it? We rely on our entire planet to survive, why wouldn't natural elements be beneficial and healing to our bodies?

We were never intended to be so separated from the place where we originated, live in, and survive off of.

Researching further the concept called earthing, I found out the Earth releases electromagnetic energy which travels into your body through the souls of your feet.

This energy transmitted into your body has the ability to heal inflammation, relieve tension, as well as balance your hormones and calm the mind. In result, you will sleep better, have an improved immune system, and be free of internal body aches.

There are other natural elements that benefit us too that bring this even more to light. For example, the sun gives us vitamin D and warmth, just as our rivers and oceans provide us with water (which we need to survive in case you forgot). The soil from the Earth also provides us with food, which should definitely tell us something about the magical capabilities of this planet. If you think about it, no other planet (that we know of) can do or provide the things our planet can.

What are the odds that almost everything that grows on our planet nourishes and feeds our bodies? That the air we breathe is perfect for our lungs to inhale and then exhale back to feed the Earth in return? That we need water more than anything to survive and our planet is covered with it. It's a miracle that our planet was almost made specifically for human beings.

Grounding or Earthing is a totally natural connection we should always have with the Earth to let our bodies benefit from its healing properties. Your shoes and the floors/roads we walk on separate this connection and we are constantly separated if you think about it.

Take time daily or as often as you can to reconnect with the Earth. Let it fill and heal your body with antioxidants and energy. Accepting and understanding the primitive nature of our bodies, minds, and spirits will help you connect more with yourself and everyone around you.

Are you grounded?