Don't Practice Hot Yoga Without A Mat Towel

With yoga towels being displayed as merely an accessory to your practice, one wouldn't think to prioritize them as a necessity for safety. With numerous benefits to their use, yoga towels should be included in all starter kits as a vital tool to use for wiping away and securing moisture.


Slippery When Wet

With the heat upon us, a yoga towel is our “golden ticket” to a safe and enjoyable practice. For instance, I have a friend who was practicing Crow Pose during class, when her knees slipped off the back of her arms in an uncontrollable way due to sweat. She is now still recovering months later with an injury, until healed, that prevents her from indulging fully in her practice. Other instances have brought on safety issues like these that could have been avoided if the practitioner had just laid down or used a yoga towel to control moisture.

There are other ways to prevent injury as well. Wearing yoga pants to hot yoga classes may seem like you're trying to provoke a heat stroke, but wearing pants actually prevents injury like in the instance explained above.

Dragonfly Yoga Microfiber Yoga Towel


Easy Traveling

When you're on the road and need to travel lightly, a yoga towel is the best portable yoga mat to use, not only for its multiple functionalities but also for how easily packed and carried it can be.

In the photo above, you'll see a yoga towel also being used in circumstances where the surface area isn't ideal for even floor coverage. Providing a safe and dry practice area without all those bumps and ripples, a microfiber towel can come in handy to avoid two different surfaces conflicting with one another.


There are definitely some things yoga straps can accomplish that a yoga towel cannot, however, when it comes to your hamstrings there's no need for both.

I love yoga towels for this purpose. They have the ability to be so multifunctional that you realize how good of an investment they truly are. The fact that I can lay one on top of my yoga mat before practice, or set it to the side to wipe away sweat when needed, or … well to use in just about any way I can think of! This is the BEST REASON to buy a yoga towel yoginis and yogints.

Here's a list of all the different uses for a yoga towel

(which you may even have a few more to add):

  • Lay on top of your mat to absorb moisture for an extra non-slip grippy surface.

  • Use to wipe away sweat during practice.

  • Replace a yoga strap in certain cases by just grabbing your towel instead.

  • Use as a travel mat for easy transport.

  • Lay on uneven surfaces in unique environments to form fit the ground you wish to practice on.

  • Take to the beach to use as a beach towel and towel to practice on while avoiding the hot sand.

  • Can be substituted for a regular towel when needed.

  • Great for camping as the microfiber won't hold too much moisture to stay dry and lightweight (no mold).

  • Fold in half once or twice to place under knees or wrists for extra support during practice.

Need I list more? Yoga towels are a vital tool for any yogis practice!

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When looking to purchase a yoga towel, the material is everything. Microfiber is a favorite material for the way it has the ability to absorb moisture and adhere to any surface. Some yoga towels are made with an absorbent top surface, introducing a different material on the opposing side to allow it to grip any surface with ease. The choice is yours, but definitely think about the main function you wish to use it for upon purchasing!