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Why Add Lavender to Your Coffee?

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 8/22/2017 to Modern Yoga Trends
Turns out, that jittery over-caffeinated feeling you sometimes experience after your morning boost can conveniently be tamed by the addition of lavender. Creating a great balance of feeling calm and relaxed while also energized and productive allows the coffee to take effect in a more productive way.

Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Space

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 8/8/2017 to Yoga As Fitness & Lifestyle

The setting in which you and others practice yoga can easily set the tone for the way you approach your daily grind. If there is a feeling you associate with your practice, a deep meaningful connection or perhaps an inner peace,  you’ll want your yoga space to portray that in order to connect deeply with your internal spiritual self. In other words . . . you have to set the mood.