Best Ideas to Mix Up your Yoga Classes

We understand how a constant creative flow can have it’s stopping points. Whether you are looking to enhance your student’s experience, or liven up your studio with new additions, we have some ideas to share that might wake up your creative side once again.

Pose of the Week/Month

By introducing a different yoga pose of the week or month, you can walk students through a specific pose to correct misalignment issues teachers have noticed for the safety and well-being of your students.

This method shows students how important alignment is within each pose and encourages them to further their practice with the acceptance of new information.

This also shows students that the studio and its teachers care for their students, taking the precaution and initiation to teach students the safety of performing each pose correctly.

Pranayama Breathing Exercises

For some students, controlling the breath can be difficult. Adjusting from a stressful day or week can even knock off the ability to breath right for your body.


Including a few breathing exercises before encouraging an intention to be set helps students ground themselves and find their breath. Drawing the attention inward, presenting a focus on the breath also places each person within the correct element for their practice.

Pranayama Breathing exercises include Simhasana, Mula Bandha, Kumbhaka Pranayama, Kapalabhati Pranayama, Surya/Chandra Bhedana Pranayama, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, Ujjayi Pranayama, Svara Yoga Pranayama, and Mrigi Mudra.

Pick two-three to include before a class that you find to be the right fit!  

Ab Workouts with Core Training Balls or Blocks

Core Training Ball.jpg

Before Shavasana, include a few moves using a block or core training ball to add an extra kick to their core!

In Bridge or Boat Pose, hold a ball between your thighs or feet to engage the core. Additional moves to add into your class could include placing a ball under the pelvis with your legs raised high, reaching up for the sky and back down, a great challenge for balance as well.

With a block, sit in a straddle and place the block in different positions (per height wanted) and lift your leg up and over the block and back a few times for an amazing leg and core workout!

Get creative and find ways to use your yoga props for additional workouts and stretching. Your students will thank you!

Mix Up the Flow

Different Asanas.jpg

The Vinyasa flow is very commonly practiced by many, so what if you mixed things up a bit by including different asanas?

Allow your students to explore their body by including additional unexpected movements in your sequence. Whether that’s transitioning your Warriors into Dancers, or your Cat/Cows into Camel Pose, including these bends open up the flow of creativity.

Even small movements that loosen up the flow, like “snaking” up to cobra from downward-facing dog, these changes will be noticed and admired by those who join you in class.

What are a few things you have added to your class or practice that make a difference? Share your ideas and experiences with us below: