We've decided to compile a list of reasons that might make you think twice about skipping yoga practice. We all know that yoga practice can ease depression, help you sleep, even make you a better athlete … but did you know that yoga can help you out in the bedroom as well? 

Tonight, pop a yoga DVD on or hop over to your local studio — it can help you prepare for the big night!


Yoga increases stamina. Through connecting with our breath and building muscular strength, we are less likely to pucker out prematurely. Next time you are 30 minutes into an Ashtanga class, just think of how handy all of those chatarungas (push ups) are going to be.


Kegels. Okay, how do I summarize this concept in a completely PC manner? By strengthening, stretching, toning and controlling the muscles of the pelvic floor (asanas such as garland pose, bridge pose and boat pose come to mind…), performance and experience can significantly be improved in both women and men. For women, it can increase orgastic response. In men, it can help control impotence.


Better body. It's hard to feel sexy when you don't feel like you look sexy. Not only will yoga practice tone the body and help blast excess weight, the meditative aspects can improve body image and decrease depression, which will help you keep the weight you lost off. Take that, treadmill!


Improves concentration. Do you get bored? Does your mind start to wander? There's nothing less sexy than finding yourself going over the grocery list ten minutes in. Yoga is all about staying in the present moment. You can learn to enjoy every second of the present, as well as focusing on your own body and it's sensations by connecting with the breath and movements on the mat.


Kama Sutra. Ancient Sanskrit Erotica: this is how Google classifies the Kama Sutra. How's that for a genre? Anyways, if you've skipped over this book (and blushed), the first thing that may have come to mind was "human pretzels?" Switching it up in the bedroom might help spice some things up, but if you can't physically assume more than one or two positions there's no use in breaking your hip. Yoga will help improve flexibility, which will in turn help you in this department.


Rhythm. If you are like me, you were never one of those girls who can just bust a move and make it look socially acceptable in any way. Yoga taught me how to dance — in more ways than one. I chalk it up to learning how to sync movements to my body's inborn metronome, the breath — through yoga, of course!


Savasana, those lovely 10 minutes after an hour long class where we let our practice work its way into our hearts and soul is a lot like postcoital bliss. Skipping the important cuddle session is a lot like leaving class right after your last floor asana. If you do it, you're kind of a jerk! So stick around for a while, this is the time when the real "love making" happens.


By: Alice Jennings (G+)