Yoga Tune Up At Home Program - Introduction DVD

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Yoga Tune Up At Home Program - Introduction DVD
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Yoga Tune Up® by Jill Miller is a whole body health and fitness system that helps heal damaged muscle tissue, increase overall strength and bolster the immune system. 

It combines Yoga, Calisthenics and Body Therapy with restorative techniques that create balance and flexibility by challenging your body from every conceivable angle. The unique poses, sequences and routines within the Yoga Tune Up® At Home Program focus on finding your body's ''blind spots''. These are areas that have become weakened due to overuse, under use or misuse, and are now prone to pain and injury. The specialized routines within the ''At Home Program'' will ferret out those blind spots, balancing your entire physiology. 

Whether you're a beginner or an active yogi, Yoga Tune Up® will help you live better in your body. Approximately 60 mins.

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