Yoga Stick-e Knee & Wrist Saver (1 Pair)

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Yoga Stick-e Knee & Wrist Saver (1 Pair)
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Comfort and support during upper body weight bearing exercises
Less extension and stress on the wrist joint
Hold longer poses
Orthopedic surgeon approved

The Original Yoga Stick-e® Knee & Wrist Saver™ has a unique patent pending design that provides comfort and support to the wrists! The Knee & Wrist Saver™ is designed to decrease stress in the delicate wrist joint. By elevating the heel of the hand, the Wrist Saver™ lessens extreme extension of the wrist, making exercises much more comfortable. They are also virtually weightless for continuous wear during a yoga session. They are non-slip, one size and orthopedic surgeon approved.

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