Yoga is a wonderful stress reducer. It can help increase focus and concentration, too, and is the perfect way to stretch out the muscles. While you may spend an hour each day on your yoga mat, it’s not enough to combat the stress and tension of a workday. 

Why not try a few yoga poses at your desk each day? Less stress, more focus, and even better, yoga can help reverse the dangers of sitting all day.

Desk Yoga Poses

  1. Seated Crescent Moon: When we are hunched over a computer, our side bodies tend to collapse. This can cause neck and shoulder tension. Seated Crescent Moon will stretch out your side body and give you a taller spine as well as a clearer mind. To do the pose, lift your arms overhead and stretch the fingers wide. First lean to the right taking two or three deep breaths. Then repeat on the left side. Do this two or three times to each side to really feel the stretch.

  2. Seated Backbend: A seated backbend can relieve back tension and help undo the stiffness you feel from bending forward over your keyboard. For this pose, sit with your spine straight. Take a deep breath and reach up tall, towards the ceiling with your arms wide open. As you exhale take your gaze to the ceiling and bend slightly from your upper back and chest. Hold for a breath and release your arms to the sides. Repeat.

  3. Seated Twist: Twists are excellent for digestion and for releasing back tension. Sit up straight in your chair; inhale and on your exhale twist to one side from the base of your spine. Think about getting taller as you inhale and twisting deeper as you exhale. Twist from your belly instead of your back. Grab your armrest or the back of your chair as you twist. Take two or three breaths and then twist to the other side.

  4. Cat Cow: A Cat Cow at your desk is another pose which will help alleviate back pain. Place both feet flat on the floor and place your hands on your knees. As you inhale, arch your back and look up at the ceiling. As you exhale, round your back and let your head drop, taking the chin towards the chest. Repeat this for three to five cycles.

  5. Seated Forward Bend: A forward bend helps keep the back healthy and flexible. This pose also helps reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. This calming pose is perfect for your work day. 

    To practice it, push your chair away from your desk and place both feet flat on the floor. Interlace your hands behind your bank and straighten your arms as much as possible. This helps to stretch out the shoulders, too. Fold at the waist, bringing your interlaced hands up over your back as much as possible. Try to rest your chest on your thighs and relax your neck.

    This pose is excellent for the nervous system, the back, the neck and the shoulders. It’s the perfect pose to release the tension from a stressful workday.

Sitting at your desk for hours on end can place a lot of unnecessary strain on your spine and it can lead to tight hips. Practice these poses every day to relieve that pain and reduce stress and anxiety. Soon you will find the days are easier to get through and you feel better at the end of them.

What are some of YOUR favorite stretches while at your desk?  Comment below...