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Experiencing A Gong Bath For The First Time

2/28/2018 to Yoga Events

Sound healing is a Himalayan folk medicine tradition that aims to give relief to the body through vibration techniques using seven hand-crafted metal singing bowls. Each bowl is hammered in every space of its making, covering it with good wishes and enlightenment.

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The Yoga Expo Expands Community Reach

5/1/2017 to Yoga Events

2017_04_08 - TYE17 - 0124.jpg

Yoga Expo Expands Community Reach

Offering more than twelve different styles of yoga, an extended sixty momentous classes were provided. Styles including everything from the basic Vinyasa all the way to a modern day Hip-Hop yoga class were welcomed to create an opportunity for everyone new and experienced to try something unique or expand their practice.

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Why You Should Practice Yoga Explains Michelle Dorer

4/13/2017 to Yoga Events
 Why You Should Practice Yoga_MD.jpg

Michelle Dorer Explains Why You Should Practice Yoga

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Can Yoga Therapy Cure PTSD?

3/31/2017 to Yoga Events

Those who suffer from PTSD are able to take control by becoming reacquainted with the body, reestablishing a sense of time and noticing how things change and flow on the inside.

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Replace Fattening Ice Cream with this Smoothie

5/21/2012 to Health & Wellness

In the warm summer months, ice cream sounds more appealing than usual! Heres a delicious smoothie you can make that is more healthy and nutritious than ice cream:

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