Yoga Direct Fun Yoga Mat For Kids

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Perfect size: 60" L x 24" W x 1/4" H
Same width and thickness of our regular yoga mat, but shorter
Free from the 6 most harmful phthalates and no heavy metals
Non-slip, textured surface
Whimsical colors and designs

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Buy one, get one free! Yoga for kids is becoming increasingly popular with kids yoga classes popping up everywhere — at yoga studios, in gyms, and even in schools! Our Kids Yoga Mat is extra thick at 1/4" and as wide as our deluxe yoga mat at 24 inches.  Your children will love our whimsical design themes and want to tumble around on one: smiling sun (orange), butterflies (purple), or turtles (blue). These yoga mats for kids are cushy and thick (1/4") for those who like to play around on the mat.

Kids yoga has tremendous benefits for the child. Yoga Practitioners everywhere know that yoga helps slow down the practitioner and help to concentrate. It makes perfect sense then to help a child find his or her center. The trick: You have to make it fun and approachable. We did both with our Kids Yoga Mat. Created with kid friendly animals and colors, your child can have a blast mimicking their favorite animal poses. Give your child a mat that's just their size. By making yoga fun for a child, you create a lifelong joyful habit.

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