Just as a rose bush needs a regular dousing of rain to produce beautiful blossoms, the human body flourishes best when it is well hydrated. Regular exercise, including strenuous Yoga can deplete your body of essential liquids quickly, so you need to keep up the H2O consumption.  Here are a few ideas for adding some interest and splash to your agua.

1) Upgrade your vessel. Plastic water bottles are SOO last decade! Choose an aluminum water bottle that shows your personality. Try the Sport and Store stainless steel water bottle from Yogadirect.com or a custom designed bottle with your name on it

2) Fill a decorative glass mason jar with cranberry spiked water or lemon and lime slices. It’s a festive treat, especially after outdoor yoga!

3) Spike your pure/filtered water with one or several of the following:  chia seeds (not too many...they swell up!), fresh blueberries, frozen strawberries, pineapple chunks, orange wedges or any seasonal fruit.  Enjoy!