Timeless Methods for Effortless

Wheel Throwing

Local yoga instructor and potter, Holly Zajur, recently introduced a class combining her two favorite practices, wheel throwing, and yoga.

“Yoga really helped me recover from the soreness of my body placement while working on the wheel,” Holly explains.

Sharing how the practice of meditation and yoga can benefit artists, her class Meditation, Yoga + Wheel Throwing introduced a mindful approach to her favorite craft. As Holly has learned, meditation can enhance creativity and set the tone for how you approach the wheel.

Beginning the class with a meditation session, she helped her students arrive and become centered… as they will need their clay

to be.

Outstretching the shoulders and opening up the back, Holly helped students warm up their body’s for the focused position they would sit for hours at a time.     

Introducing how meditation and yoga can specifically benefit those who enjoy throwing was inspirational, unraveling a lot of passion from Holly in this unique class. Students were able to learn wheel throwing, while also learning the mental and physical aspects that go into it too.

“You need to be centered to work with centering clay,” Holly revealed.

Following their wheel throwing lesson and time of creation, Holly would then lead her class through a series of yoga poses that would aid in diminishing any stiffness or soreness following the class.

By beginning with meditation to help all become centered, and following the wheel throwing class with a restoring yoga session, Holly revealed how both can benefit the mind and body while enjoying this skillful craft.