The Good, The Intriguing, And The Downright Weird: 7 Trends In Yoga

  1. Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga

I’m barely comfortable enough attempting inversions in a room filled with toned yoga goddesses, let alone doing yoga naked.  I’m also not entirely sure how I feel about the idea of hot yoga naked… let’s hope your peers wore their deodorant! All hesitations aside, this is actually really awesome for those comfortable enough to do it. It encourages body empowerment and allows you to focus on nothing else except your yoga practice. Naked yogis, unite!

  1. Aerial Yoga
Aerial yoga

I think aerial yoga is awesome, especially for those looking to shake up their yoga practice and try something new. Adding in the element of anti-gravity helps you to take your practice to new levels that you ordinarily wouldn’t in a fun and unique way. For those of you that are skeptical- check out the facts! Aerial yoga is therapeutic, relieves compression and elongates your spine. It helps to realign your body while simultaneously strengthening your body and muscle coordination. Give it a try.

  1. Yoga For Foodies
Wine and yoga

You had me at food. Any fitness that incorporates my favorite hobby (eating) is bound to be my new favorite way to work out. New Yoga + Chocolate and Yoga + Wine classes have just been introduced into the world of yoga practices… what could be better to follow your hot yoga session than a chilled class of chardonnay?  Fingers crossed this takes off and starts being offered at yoga studios everywhere!

  1. Yoga By The Sea
Sea yoga

Yes please. Aside from the fact that I have absolutely zero coordination and the odds of me not falling into the sea are slim, this still looks amazing. If you’re someone who has balance, this would probably be incredibly relaxing for you. If you've seen pictures of these classes, then you know how breathtaking they look. You practice yoga on top of tethered paddle-boards, floating on top of beautiful bodies of water, usually in incredibly scenic places... what about that doesn't sound perfect? 

       5. Cannabis/Ganja Yoga

Yoga and smoke

Yup, this exists. And it makes sense, now that cannabis is becoming legal in more American states. If you're curious about the experience, here's a pretty funny interview with two San Fran locals who tried out a class:

Cannabis is supposed to liberate your mind and body while practicing yoga. If you have an injury and now find it painful to practice your beloved poses, cannabis classes are supposed to help. Marijuana clears away pain, tension and swelling- all of which help you to do yoga with less resistance. Think you'd like to try it? Make Colorado or San Francisco your next vacation destination!

       6. Doga

Dog and yoga mat

Yup, this also exists... yoga with your dog! Apparently, because dogs are pack animals, they have a natural knack for yoga (yoga emphasizes union and connection.) These classes combine stretching and massaging with their human counterparts, although there have been reports of the dogs not listening or unwilling to change position (really... you don't say?) The health benefits of Doga are supposed to be stress reduction for humans and heart health and digestion for the dogs. 

      7. Rave Yoga 

Yoga rave

Rave yoga, because EDM (electronic dance music) is taking over the world. In all seriousness, this is actually a pretty cool idea. As an alternative to hard-core partying, some yoga studios are offering rave yoga. You begin class with slow stretches and work your way into connecting with the fun-rave music that plays, turning into a full-blown dance party. Apparently classes also offer non-alcoholic beverages and vegetarian/raw foods as well... yum! 

Have any yoga classes of your own that you've tried/have heard of? Share them in the comments below! 

authorSky Andersen holds down the role of blog writer at Yoga Direct. Currently studying Public Relations at Virginia Commonwealth University, she is passionate about all things writing, photography, travel and of course- yoga.