Tapas Original Mat by Hugger Mugger

Tapas Original Mat by Hugger Mugger

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Offered in two lengths: 68" or 74"

Nonslip surface stabilizes your practice

1/8" thickness provides solid contact for standing and balance poses

24" wide

The Original Tapas Yoga Mat by Hugger Mugger is economical and lightweight with a sticky surface that will keep you stable in any asana. The reviews are in, and the Tapas Original Mat is a must-have for Hatha Yoga! It is a great option for the eco-friendly Yogi, containing no heavy metals or phthalates. It is also Latex-free, a perfect solution for those practicing with skin sensitivities. Combine this mat with the lightweight Tapas Harness for any on-the-go expedition.

Great mat for every ability. Use in Yoga, Pilates or general exercise. Economical, long-lasting mat for studio or home use

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