Striped Foam Yoga Block 4X6X9

Striped Foam Yoga Block 4X6X9

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Measures 4" x 6" x 9"

Beveled edges for contour support

Soft, scratch-proof exterior

Stripe on edge to enhance alignment

Denser than regular foam block

Yoga Direct's Striped Foam Yoga Block is a sturdy, scratch-resistant foam yoga block featuring a light blue stripe down the side, which will help to enhance alignment and correct posture. Our striped blocks are a great choice for home practice, when a yoga instructor is unavailable to correct posture. The striped block comes in the standard 4 inch size and although it is soft and comfortable to hold onto, is surprisingly strong and supportive. Not only does this block have the added stripe, it is also much denser than our standard foam block! This item is available in blue or purple with the option to customize through custom printing for yoga studios. Each block comes individually wrapped for resale convenience.

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