Looking to Step It Up in your yoga practice? 
Here are some tips to have more excitement and energy in yoga:

  •  Try adding jump backs and jump forwards when you’re coming into plank and coming out of downward facing dog. 
  • If you haven’t tried an inversion or an arm balance because you’re scared, use extra mats as padding and ask an instructor to help you. Conquering your fear is exciting and energizing! 
  •  Try adding side plank into your vinyasa. Instead of coming straight from plank through chaturanga, do side plank to the left and then side plank to the right.

Stephanie Mansour

Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph has some great tips for living a more happy, healthy, and fit lifestyle. Check back each week for a new, fun, and easy way to live better, eat healthier, and experience something new!