Silk Neck Pillow

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Silk Neck Pillow (with Buckwheat Hulls)
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Do not heat in microwave
100% silk cover
Stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls
Removable cover
4 1/2'' across by 12'' long

Relax in style with our luxurious silk neck pillows! Each neck pillow has a 100% silk cover and is filled with unscented organic buckwheat hulls. Neck pillows can be used to support the neck in restorative postures, or to help support the spine or even knees and ankles. The buckwheat hulls can easily be removed to get the desired softness depending on intended use. The cover is also removable for washing (we recommend air drying) and has simple tied cinch closures on both ends. Each neck pillow is 4 1/2'' across by 12'' long.

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