Yoga Blankets are used all over the world, so they vary in thickness, fabric, size and texture depending on the blanket’s primary function. Is your blanket going to be used instead of a mat? As a bolster? Or do you intend to use your yoga blanket mostly for warmth? Will it be used outside? When choosing a yoga blanket, consider the following features: Size, fabric, weight, durability and finally, style and color. If you want a yoga blanket that is large enough to cover you liberally on the mat, look for a blanket that’s at least 72” long and 50” wide. customers tell us they like the heavier hand made Mexican blankets, because these blankets are so durable and become softer with each wash. Mexican blankets come in many different patterns, weights and colors. If you’re in a warmer climate, you may want to opt for a lightweight cotton blanket. Yoga blankets are available in such beautiful colors and patterns, you can choose the hues that resonate with your personality and practice.