Mantra Yoga Mats - Joy

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Mantra Yoga Mats - Joy
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24" x 72" x 6mm | 3.6lbs
Durable enough for everyday use
Latex free and free of heavy metals
Embroidered Text: Joy
Sometimes all it takes is a few words to change your life, body, mind, and spirit. What if our yoga props could provide gentle reminders of the intentions we set for our practice? This becomes possible with Mantra Yoga Mats. Go deeper with this limited edition Joy yoga mat and feel the connection of mind and body each time you flow. Embroidered at the top of a 6mm mat, this reminder is meant to be subtle and also provide you with a drishti, or focal point, throughout your practice. Each Mantra Yoga Mat is embroidered in the U.S. with a limited production so be sure grab yours before they're gone.

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