We've all been there: heated arguments, passive aggressive tension, long-term resentments. Relationships are tough, and finding and sustaining a healthy relationship is even harder. Yoga and love go hand in hand. Like ice cream and chocolate sauce, peanut butter and jelly, soy sauce and sushi? you get the idea. Many claim that yoga is love. And in some regards, they are right. The word yoga means 'union', or literally, 'to yolk'. Unification of the body, mind, and spirit is how most people interpret the translation of the word 'yoga'. But what else can it possibly mean? Unification of two people? Two bodies? Two minds?

For myself and many other yogis that I know, we hop on the mat, in part, to increase self-love find and inner peace. When you feel good about yourself -- the way you look, the way you are living, the way you feel -- you are less likely to become overly needy and dependant on someone else to make you feel whole. Incorporating yoga practice into your life can start shifting the way that you think and feel, boosting self-esteem! If you are in a relationship and live the yoga lifestyle, you are probably helping your relationship by actively being involved in and practicing yoga

Yoga and meditation helps us slow down the hectic pace of modern living. Taking time to work on your relationship means taking time to identify and accept your differences and start living in the solution instead of instantaneously reacting, making rash accusations and harsh ultimatums.

This increased mindfulness might nurture a sick and suffering relationship back to health. It might even lead to the most meaningful, fulfilling, emotionally-rewarding relationship you've ever had!