For the Yogi Who Has Everything

Trying to find unique and thoughtful gifts for a well-practiced yogi can be quite the challenge. They most likely have everything they need as far as yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, and blankets. If not, the first great idea would be to complete their collection!

Still in search of the perfect gift? No need to fret, we have 15 options below that will open your heart and mind to all the various possibilities.

The Yoga Deck I

This deck of cards is pretty awesome yogis! Containing 50 different poses and meditations for body, mind, and spirit. You can use them to help create new flows specific to your needs, play yoga games, or spice up practice at home. Each card presents detailed instructions, benefits, and even an affirmation. The deck includes directions for different uses, including sequences within the cards. It was written by Olivia Miller, the author of additional content in regards to alternative ways to maintain physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Two Sterling Silver Rings with Amber

Jewelry is always a winner, especially when it has embedded healing crystals inside.

This gorgeous sterling silver ring duet contains amber, as the core of the sun. Engraved with sun rays and waves, these two rings present quality and a love of the sun and water. Made and designed in Indonesia by Sabine Koehring.

T Spheres

Infused with essential oils geranium and lemongrass, T Spheres are used both in and outside one’s practice to balance the Doshas. This set comes with a pamphlet, letting the loved one receiving this gift know the pressure points for placement. Used to release tension and stress, but also to protect the joints and bones of the body, these aromatherapy tools introduce further restoration.

{ There’s an interesting video of a woman using these in her yoga practice, in movement, on the product page }

Tavi Noir Yoga Socks

These yoga socks are not only cozy, but they also have state-of-the-art grip pads to secure one’s practice while wearing them. The arch band holds the sock in place, while the triangle-shaped high-density grip soles allow movement to stay within the control of the person practicing. Stunning and Efficient!

Etching Bowl

This etching bowl is breathtaking. It provides a beautiful sound that can not only be heard but felt. Used for meditation and sound healing (or as a great piece of decor), each bowl produces an excellent harmonic sound to create unity and harmony within the space it lives.

Yoga Direct 2ft Round Yoga Mat

Measuring only 2ft in circumference, this playful round yoga mat presents a unique way to take on inversions and balancing poses. Travel with it anywhere and make your time on the mat, even more, fun and accessible. This mat is also great to layer on top of another mat for extra cushion and support.

Prana Dreaming Top

The back of this top features a keyhole detail which webs out in all directions for a cool pattern. The material is 92% recycled polyester and 8% spandex. The pinched front contains removable bra cups. A high quality fitted yoga tank to wear in and outside the studio always makes a great gift for those who appreciate the attention to detail.

Solay Purifying Himalayan Body Salt Scrub

This replenishing salt scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, visibly increases blood circulation and moisturizes the new skin surface. Who doesn’t want that? Lightly scented with essential oils, this non-greasy handmade scrub is almost too precious to want to give away.


Incorporating a little strength training in one’s practice helps build muscles further, aiding towards progression into the more challenging yoga poses.

Resistant exercises with these band loops provide both positive and negative forces on the muscles, which improves not only strength but also range of motion and flexibility.

Custom Printed Yoga Gear

For a yogi who has everything, creating a custom piece of yoga gear is perfect to stand out. Whether using their studio logo or a personal design you create, printing on a yoga mat, block, towel, water bottle, or mat bag is a great way to add sentimental value to new yoga gear.


Once one has become well practiced in yoga, further strength training takes things to the next level faster. Flexibility and muscle mass are two things that aid in furthering one’s practice… and sandbags help move things along faster.

Fill your loved one's sandbag with yummy treats, proving a small bag of rice, beans or sand along with the gift. They will be able to fill their bag with the weight they desire and then proceed to incorporate its use into their practice.

Dragonfly Yoga Jacket

Form-fitting and flexible enough to move with the body within practicing, Dragonfly Yogas’ zip-up yoga jacket is a great gift for the colder months. The sleeves include thumb holes for extra warmth and control, while the zipper is covered at the top to protect the neck from contact. Your loved one will love the quality and feel of this amazing jacket.

Meditation Chair

Every yogi has or needs a space to practice yoga and meditation ritually. A loved one would surely love this cozy compact seat for their space. Available in multiple colors, it presents them with a supported seat for their back and sitting bones. Perfect for a small corner of one’s yoga space!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

With the power to remove negative energy, improve mood, sleep, and overall function of our internal systems, gifting this salt in any form is a very kind gesture indeed. As one of the most pristine primal elements on Earth, Himalayan salt has been known for its ability to benefit the human body, containing all the same natural elements. Great for a yoga studio or at home space, these lamps make the perfect gift.

Weighted Hula Hoop

Such a fun prop to bring to events, trips or use at home. This collapsible and portable hula hoop adds a pack to your punch. Known to help form that powerful core needed in yoga, it also aids in balance and range of motion.