How much yoga jewelry is too much? I’ll tell you how much is too much (at least in yoga class). If your jewelry is clinking and clanking above the sound of my breath, then you’re overdoing the bling sister! Unless you’re in a band and I’m doing trance dance yoga to your sweet tamborine, please don’t wear jewelry that makes all sorts of distracting sounds throughout class. Yoga studios post yoga etiquette such as, “turn off your cellphones, put your shoes in the cubby, no eating during warrior poses, no Channel #5” etc., etc. But I’ve never seen a posting forbidding obnoxious jewelry (or tattoos for that matter, but that’s another blog topic). Don’t get me wrong. I like jewelry. Silent jewelry. And there’s a lot of gorgeous yoga jewelry that’s really, really quiet. Lucky Karma Jewelry makes some really pretty meditation bead bracelets. The meditation beads (stone and wooden beads) are artfully strung and represent all kinds of wonderful things...peace, joy, wisdom, love, strength, happiness, unexpected miracles. And best of all, they’re quiet. As jewelry should be.