Crescent Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion

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Crescent Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion
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15'' diameter by 6'' tall
Curved, crescent shape
Sturdy, heavy cotton twill cover with handle
Filled with 100% pure, natural cotton

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Our zafu is a crescent-shaped cushion with pleated sides. Each zafu has a sturdy handle sewn tightly on one side. We fill our zafus with 100% natural cotton. The filling is densely packed to provide a solid cushion, and yet is soft enough to be comfortable since the zafu is made with all natural fibers. The outer cover is made of a sturdy, 100% twill cotton. 

The zafus have a smaller zippered opening, neatly hidden between pleats to adjust the density of cotton badding. You can also adjust the amount of stuffing in each zafu, thus changing the height and the firmness. Each zafu is 15'' in diameter and 6'' in height, perfect height for sitting. Zafus are typically used with a zabuton cushion to provide comfort and support to assist you in your sitting practice.

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