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Chakra Charms or Pendants in Sterling Silver
Chakra Charms or Pendants in Sterling Silver

Chakra Charms or Pendants in Sterling Silver

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Product Overview

Handcrafted by artisans in India

Proud member of the Fair Trade Federation

Manufactured to standards set by Green America Business Network

Boost your Chakras with these gorgeous Chakra Charms! Each one represents a different Chakra, etched with mantra and in corresponding shape.

  • Sterling silver, 0.4" (1 cm).
  • Made in India.

Crown Chakrap "om" mantra for enlightenment, unity and serenity (color - purple, shape - half sphere).

Forehead, or Third-eye Chakra "om" mantra for intuition, wisdom and insight (color - indigo, shape - star).

Throat Chakra "ham" mantra for communication, honesty and integrity (color - turquoise, shape - pyramid).

Heart Chakra "yam" mantra for universal love, purity and compassion (color - green, shape - half moon).

Solar Plexus Chakra "ram" mantra for will power, assertion and trust (color - yellow, shape - sphere).

Sacral Chakra "vam" mantra for sensuality, growth and creativity (color - orange, shape - pyramid).

Root Chakra "lam" mantra for patience, stability and strength (color - red, shape - cube).

Chakras are energy crossroads, linking the physical body with the spiritual through an energy canal down the body. Each of the seven Chakras has different properties and corresponds to a different mantra, color, stone and shape.

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