Settling on a yoga mat can be a difficult decision. Especially when you are shopping on Yoga Direct: there are so many designs and styles to choose from! Do you buy by brand? Material? Color? Hollywood's A-List is lucky enough to have personal trainers and dieticians advising them on which fitness products to use and purchase. Most of us in the “real world" aren't so lucky. So the folks here at Yoga Direct put our sleuthing shoes on and uncovered photographic evidence of the Hollywood elite using our products!


Vanessa Hudgens uses Jade's Harmony Fusion Yoga Mat in Purple


Helen Hunt uses Jade's Harmony Professional Mat in Tibetan Orange


• It looks like Natalie Portman uses Yoga Direct's ¼" Scented Yoga Mat -- an extra thick mat infused with lavender essential oil!


Russell Simmons lookin' great Yoga Direct's Striped Foam Yoga Block


Lady Gaga swears by her Manduka Black Mat Pro


By: Alice Jennings