You can bring your kid to work. Some offices allow dogs. I've seen cats galore at bookstores and garden centers. So, why not have an official day where we can all bring our fitness equipment for a fun day at the office?  

Go ahead, toss a Pilates ring or Theraband in with your laptop and plan some prop assisted fitness in your cubicle today. Try a few of these moves to stretch, strengthen and release tension at the office:

1) Seated Cat/Cow with a Pilates ring - Sit in your chair with a straight spine and feet on the floor, Hold the ring with outstretched arms straight in front of you. Begin undulating the spine, pressing the chest out, breathing in with the flex, then pulling the belly in and breathing out with the arch/tuck. By keeping the arms stable, you emulate the traditional table top “cat/cow” movement that you’d do on the yoga mat during warm up.

2) Shoulder rolls with a Thera Band - Standing up, grip the band behind you          
both hands. Arms will be slightly wider
than shoulder distance.  Roll your shoulders backward in a circular pattern. Add the breath (inhale with the upward movement, exhale with the downward movement).

3) Warrior lunges - Adapt your warrior one pose by gently placing your hands on the back of your desk chair. Feel a strong engagement in the front bent leg, a deepening stretch of the back leg and of course, a wonderful stretch through the hip flex-or muscles. Take it up a notch and rise up into assisted warrior three if your clothing will allow it. Otherwise, pyramid pose is an option for stretching the legs.

And next week, please talk to your boss about “Bring your yoga ball to work and use it instead of a chair” day. Let us know if she goes for it.