Yay! Your brand new ¼" Deluxe Yoga Mat from Yoga Direct was just delivered to your door. After simply moving the coffee table perpendicular and four feet away from the center of the room, you pop in a Yoga DVD and you're ready to go!


As you unfurl your ¼" Yoga Mat Deluxe, you will notice a few issues right away. Many of our customers misconstrue these problems as defective products. No need to worry! Here is a short list of common problems with brand new yoga mats and how to remedy the situation:


1. My Mat Isn't Sticky Enough

This could be occurring because a few different reasons. Most commonly, PVC mats (which most yoga mats are made from) are open-cell, meaning they absorb natural toxins and perspiration from palms and feet. Give it a while. After a few weeks of regular use (and NO washing in between — not even wiping down), you will notice your PVC mat getting stickier and stickier … Another tip: spritz your mat with water to expedite stickiness and/or use a hot yoga mat towel.


2. Weird, Chemical Smell

Most of our yoga mats are manufactured overseas and are packaged in shipping drums (after being individually-wrapped), which can impart an unpleasant scent onto your mat. This smell will go away. Air it out by draping over a balcony outdoors or, if rain is in the forecast, over a shower curtain rod.


3. Feels or Looks a Little Dirty

We store all of the products you see on YogaDirect.Com in the same warehouse. We keep our warehouses in tip-top shape, but human mistakes do happen. For example, a palate of mats may have accidentally been plated underneath a heavier palate of One Pound Dragonfly Yoga Mat Cleaner. If it's warm outside, I would suggest grabbing an exfoliating scrub or brush, mild soap, and scrubbing your mat on both sides. Clean the suds off by spraying each side with a garden hose.


Have you experienced any problems after purchasing a Yoga Direct yoga mat? If so, please share your experience with us!


By: Alice Jennings (G+)