As a yogi, there are tons of apps out there to help our practice: some can locate nearby classes (with all of the essential details) on the fly, others use visual cues from an e-deck of asana cards, others will keep you in communication with your yoga friends! Here are some of our favorite yoga apps that cost less than one average yoga class:


1. YogaTrail: This is the be-all and end-all yoga app. It is FREE and for all of those non-existent dollars you spent on this app, it helps you locate nearby yoga classes, studios, and teachers (using GPS), you can plan yoga trips by searching for classes and/or studios by searching via zip code or city/state. Not only can you find and rate classes, studios, and teachers — you can also find yoga community events, yoga retreats, and even teacher training courses. Available for iPhone or Android.


2. YOGAmazing: For $4.99 you can enjoy one of 50 instructive yoga videos. Videos are 25 minute sessions, with a wide range of styles and a variety of teachers who, according to many customer reviews, are very good. Perfect for yogis with a hectic schedule who have a difficult time making it to the studio, or for a little lunchbreak yoga in your office with the door closed. Available for iPhone or iPad. Pro tip: If you have Apple TV, sending the yoga session to your large flat screen in the living room can help enhance your experience.


3. Relax and Rest Guided Meditations: This app aims to enable and improve your meditation practice. Select the amount of time you want to relax or meditate, then select whether or not you want a voice to guide you in meditation (with a separate adjustable volume), and finally, select what type of soothing music you want. I use this app every morning for a quick five minute meditation right when I wake up, before work. I also use it in the evening if I find myself lying awake, for a quick Yoga Nidra, usually leading to a very deep and wonderful sleep. How much does serenity cost? In this case, just $0.99. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android.


4. Universal Breathing - Pranayama. Yoga and meditation are all about connecting with the breath. Pranayama is a technique, an exercise, and a form of control. This app offers a free version as well as a full version for $6.99. We highly recommend splurging for the latter. With this app, you can choose from one of several pre-programmed breathing exercises or create your own. You can change and adjust the music, the type of breathing, duration of the breath, and how long you wish the session to last. Check out the Demo on YouTube, because the animations are very helpful and honestly, this is an awesome app but it’s awesomeness is sort of difficult to explain without a visual aid. Available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android.


5. Instagram: Yep, you are reading it right, Instagram is a great yoga app, especially now that it has a video feature! I follow all of my teachers and yoga friends and seeing my friends captured mid-scorpion pose makes me want to throw my phone at the wall, grab my yoga pants and hit the mat. Insta-inspiration, and for free! Plus, you don’t even need a crew of advanced yogi friends with a knack for taking asana selfies, we know of a few you should follow. Available for all devices.


Let the power of technology improve and enhance your yoga/meditation practice and lifestyle! Do you love a yoga app that we forgot to mention? Tell us about it!


By: Alice Jennings (G+)